Mobile Number Tracing Software Free Download for PC

Number Tracing Software: Mobile Number Tracing Software is a tool which is used to know the information about any mobile number like Name of the Caller, Service Provider, State, or Reference City. It is useful to trace out from where a user got a missed call.  It is also helpful to know where is the location of the mobile. There are many mobile numbers tracing softwares that work on Android, iOS devices, and PC/ Desktop Computers. We have given some of the names the apps that used for tracking the mobile number and also how to download them. Go through the following sections to know more about the number tracing software.

Mobile-number-locator Mobile Number Tracing Software Free Download for PC

Sometimes it is hard to find out the exact location of the mobile when it is moving from one place to another.

So, we are explaining you about the latest and working Mobile Number Locator App for PC. It works flawlessly and gets your mobile phone quickly whether stationary or moving position does not matter.  This application is an Android application and can be downloaded for free. This app not only helps you to get number finder but also you can find the city and country code. It is an online telephone directory that contains the complete database of mobile number codes & STD codes.

What Are The Other Mobile Number Tracing Software

The following are the leading free mobile number tracing softwares that you can use. 

  • Mobile Number Locator
  • Mobile Number Tracer
  • True Caller
  • Phone Call Tracking Software
  • Caller ID and Number Locator
  • Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile Number Locator For PC

This app is a number tracing software which helps you to Search and Track Mobile Number without the Internet. It will display the location of the caller with service providers name, with the city, State information on every incoming and out going calls. Using this number tracing software, you can search any STD Code from overall INDIA and any ISD code from the world.

Features of Mobile Number Locator

Following are the features of the Mobile Number Locator, due to which it has many users. 

Mobile-number-locator Mobile Number Tracing Software Free Download for PC

  • Using this app, you can find any state location from India, USA, and Canada.
  • Mobile Number Locator helps you to search STD code all over the world.
  • Not only the STD codes, but you can also search for city codes and country codes.
  • One of the useful features of Mobile Number Locator is, it can work without internet connection also.
  • At the time of the incoming call and out going calls, you will be able to see caller information.
  • The information is like operator name, State name and operator icon.
  • If you want to disable the caller information, you can do that just by pressing the Off button in settings.
  • You can view the call logs like operator name, state name, call duration, etc.
  • It enables you to see the call logs like service provider name, state name, date, call duration, etc.
  • You can call and message anyone via the app instead of using the boring call records.
  • Messaging apps that come pre-installed with Android devices.

Steps to Download  The  Mobile Number Tracing Software  For PC

Here, I am going to explain to you how to download and install Mobile Number Locator.

Mobile-number-locator Mobile Number Tracing Software Free Download for PC

Step 1: First you need to download Android Emulator on your PC.

In Step 2: Next step is to search for Mobile Number Locator in the app store, that you want to install on your PC.

Step 3: Click and Install the Mobile NUmber Locator for PC.

In Step 4: Finally, you will see the Mobile Number Locator is installed in your PC.

Lets, start using the app and enjoy by knowing the STD code, country code or city code. By this, you will be able to find the unknown number call. You can also use other Mobile nUmber Tracing Software.

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