How to Trace Telephone Number Free Through Online

Trace Telephone Number: Nowadays it has become easy to trace any phone number for free. The advancements in the Smartphone technology is increasing day by day. And the number of users are growing numerously. So, the chance of getting calls from unknown numbers is also high. Even the number is not saved in our contacts, and we can trace a phone number for free. There are many ways to locate the details of the telephone number. We can access the many websites at any time to find the unknown caller.

free-phone-tracking-300x227 How to Trace Telephone Number Free Through Online

We have provided the some of the best ways to trace the telephone number for free. You just go through the below mentioned methods to locate a particular number for free. You can also know some additional information about how to trace a phone number through different methods. The information provided may help you to explore the new things that you don’t know.

Instructions for How to Trace Telephone Number Free

There are many ways by which you can trace telephone number free. Some of the methods are mentioned below. So, please go through them to trace the number.

Trace Telephone Number by using any Search Engines

Here are some tips to trace mobile phone number free.

  • Go to any search engine with the web browsers like Google, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • The type the ten digit number and click on search.
  • Then you will get the details about the mobile number owner.
  • This method is easiest one for performing a telephone number search.
  • If the person of the phone number lists his number on their website, then it will appear in the Google search results.

free-phone-tracking-300x227 How to Trace Telephone Number Free Through Online

Trace Telephone Number for free by using any Social Media

You can also trace telephone number for free by using any of the social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You need to enter the mobile number in the social network site’s search bar. Using LinkedIn the searching of the number becomes easy. Because there are a lot of people, who post the information about their education, current job, work experience, etc.

Facebook is the most used social media. There are millions of people who have registered on this website. Some people keep their phone number visible to th public. So, it is possible to find out the phone number on Facebook. Below we have given the steps to how to trace telephone number in How to Trace Telephone Number Free Through Online


  • Open the Facebook website.
  • Then Sign in to your account.
  • Then enter the ten digit number in the search bar.
  • Wait for the search to complete. If any number is matching, it gives you the result.
  • If it is connected to any Facebook Page, it gives the results about that.

Use the National Cellular Directory Website

This service is a paid service. It is also an expensive one. This service can provide you a cell phone number if you enter the first and last name, city and state of th person. It may not be that much use because people voluntarily register their name. You may not be successful to trace the number if they haven’t shared their information.

free-phone-tracking-300x227 How to Trace Telephone Number Free Through Online

Tracking with the Cell Phone Location

It is possible to a track telephone number if the GPS chip is inserted into it. Here are some options for how to trace telephone number.

free-phone-tracking-300x227 How to Trace Telephone Number Free Through Online

  • First, browse your mobile phone app store to find the application that suits your need.
  • If there is no app belonging to tracing, then go to the app store and install any of the tracking apps.
  • Then after installation, open the app and enter the number you want to trace.
  • Then the app gives you the details of the particular number you are searching for along with the location.

Try Using Reverse Phone Lookup

A Reverse Phone Lookup is a simple way to trace a telephone number by typing the number. You can find in the search engine or the directory and see the list which is associated with that phone number.

free-phone-tracking-300x227 How to Trace Telephone Number Free Through Online

It is simple to use Google’s phone book search operator to do a Reverse Phone Lookup. But due to some reasons, Google had shut down this service. However, it again came into the track, but tracking a phone number is a little bit less intuitive. You can still use Google to do a Reverse Phone Lookup.

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